Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rock Star Poet author performs with Eddie Mac

Yes folks, about two weeks ago in the small town of Hamburg, Minnesota I was lucky enough to play a set with the new lineup of Eddie Mac. This Rock Star Poet performance was forged by a reunion with former Crazed Individual co-founder, vocalist, and guitarist, Jimmy Baker; who now plays with Eddie Mac. Crazed Individuals played countless shows with Eddie Mac over the years, on tour paths stretching over several states of this great country.

For more than 10 years, Eddie Mac has rocked from coast to coast, leaving jaws on the floors of bars in nearly every state in this nation. With three albums, an award-winning single and a YouTube video burning up the internet, Eddie Mac just keeps getting stronger.

rock star poet in Hamburg MinnesotaEven though this was a modest gig in a small town, we really rocked the place and I had a lot of fun. It had been quite a while since my last performance, and it was great to get out there with old friends. The crowd showed great enthusiasm and awarded me an honorary pork chop from the meat raffle in their appreciation! You gotta love Minnesota dont'cha know!

I want to thank Chris J for letting me sit in with the band that night, Andy McClure for lending me his bass and microphone for a few songs, and of course Jimmy Baker for inviting me out and shredding that guitar!

Cheers to all! Until next time everybody... Stay tuned for more Rock Star Poet news!